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The Benefits[edit]

12208.png Base EXP Rate 12x 24x
14592.png Job EXP Rate 12x 24x
5394.png Drop Rate 6x 12x
7005.png Death Penalty (% of current level) 1% Base Level EXP
1% Job Level EXP
0% Base Level EXP
0% Job Level EXP
7922.png Character Slots Max of 10 Max of 15
6045.png Max Storage 300 600
7491.png Additional Storage 1 Additional Storage
Via Quest Only
Yes, All 5 Additional
Storages Are Available
717.png Gemstones Required Requires Gemstones Reduces the number of gems
required for skills by 1
7615.png Caspen Daily Instance Entries Max of 1, 2 or 3
(Based on Instance)
Instance Entries Are Doubled
7615.png Reset Manager Saved Builds Max 3 Max of 10