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A What?[edit]

A Mote is a small orb that drops randomly while you're attacking a monster (also a reduced rate in PvP). They have their own special drop rate that can be viewed in-game using the `@rates` command.

What are they?[edit]

37206.gif Red Mote[edit]

Heals 15% of your current Max HP

37198.gif Blue Mote[edit]

Heals 15% of your current Max SP

37202.gif Green Mote[edit]

Removes the following status:

  • Freezing
  • Stone Curse
  • Stun
  • Sleep
  • Poison
  • Curse
  • Silence
  • Confusion
  • Blind
  • Bleeding

37201.gif Gold Mote[edit]

Provides the one of the following four buffs at random:

  • Level 5 Angelus
  • Level 5 Kyrie Eleison
  • Level 5 Magnificat
  • Level 5 Energy Coat