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Introducing The War Server

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This is an extra special event server where you can login with a Novice and, depending on the War Event, change job and levels, gain equipment or even change to a different race once you've logged in. This will then set you up for War!

Emperium's War Council rotates the type of War available on the War Server every few weeks to allow everyone enough time to participate and gain some very special rewards.

Why is this a separate server? For a few reasons. You don't need to use up an extra character slot on the main server. The special War Server characters are wiped between War Events and having a separate server makes this far easier. Different mechanics are available along with various skill changes, which if applied to the main server, would cause unnecessary chaos.

A separate announcement will be made when the first War Event is due to go live, along with a full write-up with rewards on our wiki.

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