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Complete Guild Rework

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Complete rework? Well.. almost.

This is the second system we've hacked to bits and rebuilt following the introduction of the Reputation System, and we're looking forward to your feedback!

You can create a Guild using the usual in-client methods, but it will now cost you 10 Emperium. Not just any normal Emperium, either! You can complete a quest that starts in Prontera in order to gain access to this special passive skill, called Finding Emperium. Each time you kill a monster there is a small chance that an Emperium Shard will drop. You can speak to various NPCs that will fuse these shards together to make the necessary Emperium items for guild creation.

It's no longer possible to tax guild members to gain Guild EXP. You can use an item called Union of the Guild in order to acquire 100k Guild EXP. The EXP tables haven't changed, so if you know how to find them, you'll know how many of these items you need to level up your guild. (We may be nice and just post them somewhere, too!)

A new Guild Skill has been introduced called "Guild Quest". The higher your Guild Quest level, the better the quests and rewards will be! Some Guild Quests are group effort, while some are solo quests for exciting new items.

War of Emperium times will be announced shortly!

Any issues, please use the Service Desk - valid bugs that get fixed will automatically earn you CashPoints.

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