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Update 2019-04-18

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  • Summoner related drop have been re-added to their respective monster.
  • Dungeon Scrolls "Beta" and "Gamma" have been released.
    • Beta offers Culvert, Geffen Dungeon, Toy Factory and  Sunken Ship.
    • Gamma offers various Glast Heim warps.
  • Locked Treasure Box will now automatically drop at 8% chance from all monsters. Details on the wiki.
  • Treasure Box Key added to CashShop. This key is the only way to open Locked Treasure Box.
  • The special Emperiums that are required to create a guild can now be crafted through the new system. See below.
  • The Adventurer's Gift Box given to you by the League of Levelers now contains the correct items. Sorry about that!
  • Costume Magestic Goat from the League of Levelers Box Lv2 has had the level restriction removed.



  • Stat/Skill Reset NPC has been given the ability to save your current build. You can save upto 3 builds, or VIPs can save 10.
  • Retsae now has an additional menu if you still have enough items in your inventory to create more Easter Eggs. This means you can spam your enter button to create more eggs.
  • Slightly re-ordered the Scrolls in the Scroll Dealer. Alphabetically, too!
  • Punch Bags have been placed in the Training Quarter of Prontera. Continual attacks will cause the Punch Bag to tell you how much damage you've caused every 5 seconds.
  • The Job Master will now give you the Official 3rd Class Job Quest items when changing up.
  • Healer and Scroll Dealer (with scroll) have been added to Rock Ridge.
  • The Rock Ridge Kafra has been updated.
  • Portal Guards now keep the spawn points of Payon Dungeon F1 and Orc Dungeon F1 clear of mobs. 



  • Soul Linker
    • Linker skills have had their Lv5 SP requirement and duration changed to 600sp, lasting 20 minutes.
  • Priest
    • Sanctuary now does a flat 2,000hp heal per second at level 10.



  • A new crafting system has been implemented.
    • Craft specific items required for advanced quests.
    • Available in the Basement of each Player House (when enabled).
  • The @caspen command now works for Summoners!
  • Announcer script has had a few extra lines added to remind players to review us on RMS.
  • Resolved issues with Battle and Taming Achievements.
  • Rep Up! 1

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