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Hey Guys :3

first of all i want to say that i really enjoy the server right now, and the features like the guild stuff e.g. i would really like to check that out in the future

but there's one thing i can't get out of my mind and that is the benefits you receive from buying VIP.


im definitly OK with the additional character slots, max storage, additional storage and death penalty ( can't say anything about the caspen daily instance entries yet )

but the things that really hurt my feelings about the server is the insane EXP boost and especially the no gemstones required.

im not here to tell you guys how to change this since im just a player of the server you created.

but i would remove the gemstone part and also lower the exp boost to maybe 14x instead of 12x.

and drop rate should stay on 6x or maybe increase it to 8x.

And how about giving like a free costum box whenever you buy VIP so you have the chance of getting something fancy. or even receive e.g. 500 cash points when you buy VIP so you can do some stuff there.

i would be very sad if the exp / drop rate  would stay like this.


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Considering the doubled EXP rate is (technically) the same as VIP on officials, I think 14x instead of 12x is too low. Though, I agree that 24x is a little much. Maybe go with 50% increase for VIP, so it's 18x exp and 9x drop? Also, I totally share your feelings about the Gemstone requirements. That's a gamechanger and I honestly think we should remove that. It's essentially a rentable improved Mistress Card with no SP penalty.

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Regarding official, I'm only referring to the EXP rate. Our rates are 12x, so 24x is technically just doubled EXP. Officials give you doubled exp for VIP aswell.

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Np bro here lol sry my copy past not great

Official Game Systems

VIP Account

Base EXP / jobEXP from monsters 250%

Monster item drops 180%

Party Share +50

Penalty on Death 1%2%

Gramps Monster Hunt Turn InsIncreased EXP reward Combine Base/Job EXP Take both monster Turn Ins Warp to TI Maps1x Weekly Turn-Ins EXP One Quest at a time

Kafra Warp Service All destinations

Renewal Bonus Kafra Storage Available

Kafra Storage Size 600

Kafra WoE Map NPCRepair/Save/Storage HP/SP restore/Teleport to other WoE MapsRepair/Save/Storage only

Marriage Cost1.2-1.3M plus Rings or "Written Oath of Marriage" Kafra item"Written Oath of Marriage" Kafra item

Renewal Free Mercenary Rental Available In Eden Group

Vip Special Buff NPCs *Available In Eden Group

Overlook DungeonAvailable

Byalan 6 DungeonAvailable

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250% exp rate? That's even better than our current VIP system then. 250% of 12x would be 30x EXP with VIP.

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