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  2. Core & Mechanics Corrected Joint Beat damage formula. Update duration for Purring. Corrected Pet bonuses. Added new skill (ALL_SPARK) for use in the Autumn Event. Possible use in other custom events. Items, Mobs & NPCs Correct Position of Shrimp Trader. Corrected dandelion request script. Updated Young Man Position. Enabled Autumn Event is specific areas.
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    This suggestion has been partially implemented.
  5. Unfortunately this suggestion has been rejected.
  6. This suggestion has been implemented.
  7. Unfortunately this suggestion has been rejected.
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    Unfortunately this suggestion has been rejected.
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    Zodiac Event

    Our custom Zodiac Event is now live! You can use some of your hard-earned CashPoints in the CashShop and purchase this cycle's Zodiac Box. Each box will give you 10 scrolls of the same zodiac which can be sold or traded to other players. You can also tear up these scrolls which will result in some items being given to you, with a chance to obtain the equivalent Zodiac Crown or Diadem, and some contain mini-boss cards!
  10. Core & Mechanics General MySQL table design cleanups. Various script command updates. WoE rewards are now sent correctly via RoDEX. Corrected pet bonuses not applying correctly. Enabled Zodiac Event. Added framework for Autumn 2019 Event. NPCs and items will be released in a future update. Introduced item drop, use and pickup event variables for use in upcoming scripts. Items, Mobs & NPCs Various item updates. Various mob updates. Added quest checks for Geffen Magic Tournament. Added new item boxes and scrolls for Zodiac Event. Misc Patch Notes now look prettier! The blue rA swish is now used to show that the update in the patch notes is from the rAthena team, while our own updates are listed next to an Emperium. Forum software has been updated and new fixes applied.
  11. Core & Mechanics Fixed pet evolution upgrade script. A minor fix that corrects a problem when hatching eggs, prevent moving/dropping the pet egg if it's hatched. Fixed invalid item errors in achievements. Corrected Magnum Break delay. Fixed STR affecting mob damage. Cleaned up Joint Beat behavior. Fixed Achievement Level progression. Fixed CZ_STANDING_RESURRECTION check. Fixed typo with wrong password length. Fixed quest cooldown display bug for Quest Board NPC. Corrected Strip duration. Corrected RENEWAL_ASPD macro processing. Corrected a compile warning on GCC 8. Properly free function script counter. Corrected Clock Tower Gatekeeper dialog. Items & Mobs Corrected Tornado Axe equip level. Item Database Update - Lava set and Glast Heim Castle F3 weapon. Old Driver band Yellow script fix. Synced Geffen Magic Tournament mob_skill_db name with mob_db name. Fixed Old Money Pocket being unusable Note: These are general rAthena updates. EO specific changes are still to follow.
  12. NPCs & Mechanics Changed start coordinates to coincide with Renewal Mechanics. Resolved a potential crash with the equip switch feature and invalid items. Corrected Weapon Forging inventory search. Corrected the map name for announcing the entrance in the Morse cave instance. Sense's negative informational stats will now be capped to 0. Implemented the Paramarket shops. Items, Mobs & Misc Autobonus correction on various items. Added shadow items - ID range 24320~24424 Updated Death Fire (ID 13192) and Rolling Thunder (ID 13193) according to KRO description Update new items weight from kRO Corrected and added various new costumes. Corrected Rice_Cake_Soup (ID 669) item script Fixed an issue with a cooldown after killing Wounded Morroc Note: These are general rAthena updates. EO specific changes are still to follow.
  13. Mechanics Internal logging for un-mapped scripts has been optimised. Corrected Enchant Arms status icon. Fixed instruments (W_MUSICAL, W_WHIP) not receiving attack bonus from DEX. Corrected Cross Slash. Updated Unitwarp NPC mechanics. Updated items with new hat effects. Resolved item-dupe issue. Fixed several item bonuses getting their bonus capped when they shouldn't be. Items, NPCs, Mobs Easter Event is now over and all mobs & NPCs have been removed. Fix loop issue on Ice Cream Maker NPC.
  14. In generall, i am currently finding many spots that can not be accessed because the quests are not meant for a server with a low population. Thanatos tower is also one. The quest is meant for 5+ ppl, but unfortunately i mostly play alone due to the times i play and also because there do not seem to be so many ppl active to form a temporary party for this. I think it would be best to modify a few quests according to the server. Which means lower requirements or disabling a need for certain quests at all. That is of course only my oppinion.
  15. Edit: The same also applies to nameless island. The entrance quest's prerequisites can also not be started as they all follow the rachel quest.
  16. Hi, i want to enter the Rachel Sanctuary dungeon to do some quests. It seem that on this server the complete quest chain (donations) have to be done. Is this really neccessary as there are not really many players currently on this server. Usually this quest or at least the donation part is not available on smaller server. Could this be also possible here, as this basically now blocks a complete dungeon to explore. Regards, Koerk
  17. Thursday 25th April (today) will see many new additions and fixes, along with plenty of changes. While changes are all tested before being added to the live server, sometimes things go wrong - if the mapserver kicks you out, give it a few minutes and try again. There will be plenty of warnings in-game for connected players to know when downtime is about to occur.
  18. That's enough. I will not be making any changes to the client-side AI. It intentionally doesn't work with the client we use. I'm now fed up of your attitude - wind your neck in or just leave.
  19. i ASKED him could he re-enable the auto attack feature in his client .The server is a little boring like it is now it has nonthing to do with the old behaviour.you asked us for suggestions we gave that You did no respond the right way.you not going to have players you keep this crap up if you dont like our suggestions stop asking us then. dont hate on our suggestions Cause your a hater on official stuff from other servers have.We asked him could we get some of those things here not demand. you all make suggestions sound hatfule and Selfish.If you dont like it then have the OWNERS tell the palyers that problem solved. dont run your mouth and hate on my stuff.
  20. It's not broken. It's working as intended by kRO.
  21. you think i care if you bored he needs to stop hating on my stuff its not my fault it broken here
  22. I'm smart enough to know that novaro changed their client to re-enable a feature that the official servers disabled/changed. The official behaviour of homunculus is just what it is. They also now get a copy of 10% of the base exp you get - including quests. So just because you want the old behaviour back, that doesn't mean we will enable it. Also, considering how smart I am, I even noticed that I am SUPPORT GM and not developer. My "job" is to support people with problems and keep the forums clean. Also, it's not a job, it's merily a hobby. And my replys to suggestions are always from a players perspectice and not that of a gm.
  23. I'm getting a little bored of your attitude to towards people.
  24. no one said this was novaro i ask to fix the ai for the new client since it dont freaking work here duh. go do your job and help him make it work since your so smart
  25. Just so you know, because it seems you don't know. This is emperiumonline and not novaro.
  26. use this to fix your new client AI bro https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/FAQ:_Homunculus_and_Azzy_AI_Tutorial https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/NovaExt they should help u fix the ai to work with the new client
  27. Items: Summoner related drop have been re-added to their respective monster. Dungeon Scrolls "Beta" and "Gamma" have been released. Beta offers Culvert, Geffen Dungeon, Toy Factory and Sunken Ship. Gamma offers various Glast Heim warps. Locked Treasure Box will now automatically drop at 8% chance from all monsters. Details on the wiki. Treasure Box Key added to CashShop. This key is the only way to open Locked Treasure Box. The special Emperiums that are required to create a guild can now be crafted through the new system. See below. The Adventurer's Gift Box given to you by the League of Levelers now contains the correct items. Sorry about that! Costume Magestic Goat from the League of Levelers Box Lv2 has had the level restriction removed. NPCs Stat/Skill Reset NPC has been given the ability to save your current build. You can save upto 3 builds, or VIPs can save 10. Retsae now has an additional menu if you still have enough items in your inventory to create more Easter Eggs. This means you can spam your enter button to create more eggs. Slightly re-ordered the Scrolls in the Scroll Dealer. Alphabetically, too! Punch Bags have been placed in the Training Quarter of Prontera. Continual attacks will cause the Punch Bag to tell you how much damage you've caused every 5 seconds. The Job Master will now give you the Official 3rd Class Job Quest items when changing up. Healer and Scroll Dealer (with scroll) have been added to Rock Ridge. The Rock Ridge Kafra has been updated. Portal Guards now keep the spawn points of Payon Dungeon F1 and Orc Dungeon F1 clear of mobs. Skills Soul Linker Linker skills have had their Lv5 SP requirement and duration changed to 600sp, lasting 20 minutes. Priest Sanctuary now does a flat 2,000hp heal per second at level 10. Mechanics A new crafting system has been implemented. Craft specific items required for advanced quests. Available in the Basement of each Player House (when enabled). The @caspen command now works for Summoners! Announcer script has had a few extra lines added to remind players to review us on RMS. Resolved issues with Battle and Taming Achievements.
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