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Emperium Online Events

There are many customised features on Emperium Online. Check them out from the menu above or find some of the details below!

Monster Summon

A group of monsters will randomly spawn on a map. Some are normal monsters, and some are not. Kill the special ones for prizes!

Valentine's Event 2022

Love is in the air and all of the wonderful items are up for grabs with this event. Runs until February 17th.

League Of Levelers

The League of Levelers is an incentive event to encourage players to reach Base Lv99 as quickly as possible. Various rewards are available, some functional, some aesthetic.

Poring Catcher

When the event starts, 100 Porings will spawn. Only 1 is a real Poring, and 99 are fakes. The event ends when the real Poring is killed.


An NPC will disguise as a random monster. The first player to guess their name correctly will receive a prize.

100% EXP Event

Earn an extra 100% EXP while this event is on!

100% Drop Event

Earn an extra 100% EXP while this event is on!

War of Emperium:SE

WoE: Second Edition is active once per week on a Sunday. See WoE info page for details.

War of Emperium:FE

WoE: First Edition is active once per week on a Saturday. See WoE info page for details.

MVP Summon

A random MVP will spawn each round of the event. Whoever finds and kills it will be rewarded, and the next round will begin.

Monster Hunt

A few monsters will spawn randomly on a map. Find and kill them for rewards!

Zombie Invasion

Thousands of zombies spawn on a map. Most are normal monsters, but some will give prizes. The invasion ends when all special zombies are killed.

Last Man Standing

When the event starts, free-for-all PVP will be turned on. The last player alive is the winner.

Zodiac Event

Each time the Astrological Calendar advances, the Cash Shop will contain the new Zodiac Boxes for that period. Each box has a chance to drop the relevant Diadem or Crown along with numerous other random items per box.

Mystical Treasure

A Mystical Treasure Chest spawns occasionally in either Prontera or Caspen that contains a large sum of Zeny. Find it first to grab all the monies!

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