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Brokerage - Trading Made Easy!


For our first update of the year, we present the Trade Broker. This NPC will allow you to hand over certain items to list for other players to buy for a small fee. T...


What The Mote?


As part of our continuing effort to integrate systems from other games into Ragnarok Online, we are pleased to present you with the Motes! These little orbs will dr...

Welcome to Emperium Online!

Were you looking for a server that challenges you? Forget what you think you know about Ragnarok Online.

A number of customised systems including Unique Instances, Teleport Scrolls, Motes and a completley reworked Guild System, you'll need to unlearn a few things before giving us a try!

We have a focus on implementing systems that don't exist by default in Ragnarok Online. Some features, such as Fishing and Mining, you may have seen on other Private Servers already. Forget those. We have developed our own interpretations to match non-other.

What does this mean for you as a player? A brand new experience! Or you can grind the old-fashioned way. Whatever path you choose, you can guarantee you won't find another Private Server like ours out there!

Head on over to the registration page and give us a go!
Hope you see you in-game,


Fresh New Website Design


After over a year of having our old design, we decided it was time for a fresh injection of colour! You may recognise the layout from the old EuRO website before th...


New Instance Leaderboard


A new mechanic has been introduced to our custom instances to allow players to choose from two modes via crystals. Before the instance begins, players will be given the c...

Zodiac Event

Our custom Zodiac Event is now live! You can use some of your hard-earned CashPoints in the CashShop and purchase this cycle's Zodiac Box. Each box will give you 10 scrolls of the same zodiac which can be sold or traded to other players. You can also tear up these scrolls which will result in some items being given to you, with a chance to obtain the equival...

2019-09-04 | Read more

Let the Mass Updating Commence!

Thursday 25th April (today) will see many new additions and fixes, along with plenty of changes. While changes are all tested before being added to the live server, sometimes things go wrong - if the mapserver kicks you out, give it a few minutes and try again. There will be plenty of warnings in-game for connected players to know when downtime is about...

2019-04-25 | Read more

Introducing The War Server

This is an extra special event server where you can login with a Novice and, depending on the War Event, change job and levels, gain equipment or even change to a different race once you've logged in. This will then set you up for War! Emperium's War Council rotates the type of War available on the War Server every few weeks to allow everyone enough tim...

2019-04-15 | Read more

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